Welcome to G. I. Gym Bootcamp.

G. I. Gym, rated one of the top gyms in Raleigh, NC, offers functional fitness and cross training workouts, kick boxing, a full weight room, personal training, group classes, and more!

Don’t pay almost twice the price for membership at some “box” gym, come in and give G. I. Gym a try today!

No cap on classes! Walk-ins welcome!

New to cross training? We have the perfect way for you to give it a try…G. I Gym “101”

This program is designed to introduce beginners to Functional Fitness movements in a safe progressive way. Every class we will Coach you on proper form and technique in multiple skills while gradually becoming more intense.

8 person capacity on each class!

The Workouts.

GI Gym BootCamp offers a variety of classes to meet your workout and scheduling needs.


Become a member today and begin reaching your fitness goals!

Classes offered at our GYM.

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to work with friends. Our trainers are highly educated and will motivate you to give your all.
The classes are:

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What are you waiting for?

G. I. Gym is here to help you reach your fitness goals. We have Crossfit style classes, a full weight room, personal training available, kickboxing classes, and more!

No cap on classes! Walk-ins welcome!

Only $149 per month

Unlimited gym access

7 Days

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