Are you ready to meet our Transformation Queen, Ana Carolina?

GI Gym Member Spotlight Time!Are you ready to meet our Transformation Queen, Ana Carolina?

This amazing mother of four has transformed her body from a typical mom shape into Wonder Woman! Ana puts the same amount of passion and dedica…See More


What is/are your favorite exercise(s) or workout(s) at GI Gym? I don’t think there’s a favorite but I do like to challenge myself in all of them until that little voice in my head says “you did it!”Who or what inspires you on those days when you don’t want to train but you do it regardless? Myself! Always remember that laying around in bed is not getting you any fitter or skinnier, so get up and sweat!!!

How has GI Gym helped you in achieving your goals? I have lost 16 lbs since I started GI Gym. But more importantly, I was a size 12 and I am now a 6, almost a 4!

Come to GI Gym and be inspired by the amazing transformation queen, Ana Carolina! She is living proof that YOU control your body, your health, and your fitness! Ana inspires us every day by training harder than she did the day before. Ana, you are the epitome of STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY! Thank you for your membership and for being such inspiration to all of our members!