Member Spotlight on Tamara Stephenson

This shirt may be the most accurate description of Tamara Stephenson ever! This beautiful bombshell brings a whole new level of fitness and intensity to GI Gym every time she walks through the door. A collegiate track star, Tamara knows exactly how to push herself and those around her to achieve their best! More importantly, Tamara is one of the most fun-loving, thoughtful people you will ever meet. She will push you to be your best while making you enjoy every minute of our workouts with her outgoing personality and hilarious sense of humor! If you want to train with the best, come work out with Tamara and try to keep up!

Occupation: Technical Sales Engineer
Age: 30
Member of GI Gym Family: Two years

How did you get started at GI Gym: My boyfriend suggested we get into shape. After starting a friendly wager to see who could reach their fat loss goal first, a ZSpotlight deal led me to the doors of GI Gym. Little did I know I’d find a great group of people who share my passion for fitness. My boyfriend got me started, but it’s my gym friends that keep me coming back!

Fitness Goals: My original goal was to lose 8% body fat to reach 20%. I didn’t realize how much of a lifestyle change losing that much body fat would be. Prior to starting my journey, I was 150lbs with 28% body fat. Now, I’m 130lbs with 18% body fat. My ultimate goal is to get into fitness modeling but I have a long road ahead of me. I have to take breaks every now & then to remind myself why I’m doing this.

Favorite Workout/Exercise: I love the power lifting classes. Anytime there’s a barbell, I view it as an awesome challenge. As a former college track athlete, we learned the importance of lifting weights to reduce body fat & become more explosive in our events. Lifting weights is still important for me as it offers great benefits long after my days on the track.

Favorite Daniel-ism: My favorite is when Daniel tells you to pick up a heavier weight & actually believes in you more than you believe in yourself.

What inspires you on those days when you don’t want to train but you do it anyway? It’s hard to pick just one person so I would have to say my support system inspires me the most. When I was younger my mom used to always say, “Who you surround yourself with reflects directly on the type of person you are. Choose wisely”. This is true inside & outside of the gym. My family and friends are so supportive of my fitness goals, & I couldn’t ask for a better group of people surrounding me.

How has GI Gym helped you achieve your goals: I had wanted to join a gym for a long time but never really found anything that fit my training style. The workouts are never boring as long as I’m working hard, & that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m a firm believer in healthy diet first & hit the gym second. However, without the gym, I have very little to inspire me to eat healthy. What you put in your mouth shows in the gym. Eat right & you’ll be able to train hard.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I don’t think I’ve left any stones unturned for anyone who’s ever been to GI Gym & met me. However, some people probably don’t know I went to college on a full track scholarship & have my degree in Chemistry. I love country music as it reminds me of Georgia summers & where I’m from. I have an identical twin sister & a beautiful younger sister who are my best friends. As for the rest, I guess you’ll have to come to GI Gym to find out!

Come to GI Gym and train alongside a true fitness superstar! Tamara Stephenson has mad hops (42”+), beautiful Olympic technique, and trains as hard as anyone we have ever seen! She also brings her infectious personality and love of life into all that she does, in and out of the gym. Tamara, you are beyond BEASTMODE and it is such an honor to train alongside you. Thank you for your membership and for being such inspiration to all of our members! We get the first autographed copy of your fitness magazine cover!