Member spotlight


Meet one of our talented, gorgeous, fit, and utterly fantastic GI Gym superstar couples, Veronica Ibañes and Denny Winkowski! This couple defines what it means to be part of our sweat family. If you have ever attended a class with Veronica or Denny, you know that they love to encourage everyone around them! Those megawatt smiles and infectious positive attitudes make every class a little more enjoyable for all of our GI Gym members!



Veronica Ibañes 

Occupation: Graphic / Web designer

Age: 34

Member of GI Gym Family: Since June 2011

How did you get started at GI Gym: It was meant to be bridal bootcamp for 2 months prior to our destination bikini-weather wedding.

Fitness Goals: To live a fit and overall healthy life alongside Denny & reaching new goals made possible by joining GI Gym.

Favorite Workout/Exercise: Punching bags! It’s a good de-stresser after work, but I mainly like variety & the fast stations that make you sweat!

What inspires you on those days when you don’t want to train but you do it anyway?: A little voice in my head that keeps telling me I’m just that much closer to surprising myself again!

Favorite Daniel-ism (emphatic, angry “encouragement” delivered in a Staten Island accent): “You’ve been coming here for how long and you still won’t lift?”

How has GI Gym helped you achieve your goals: It’s great to be able to work out alongside others who work just as hard. It also helps that everyone is super friendly & you can’t help but want to join the cult 🙂

Tell us something interesting about yourself: Thanks to GI GYM I’ve been able to push myself just enough to run my first marathon this past year & now have new goals in mind, such as the Legend Race, Tough Mudder & my first triathlon!




Denny Winkowski 

Occupation: B2B Account Manager

Age: 39

Member of GI Gym Family: Over 1 year

How did you get started at GI Gym: I was the fat lazy husband who saw the wifey (Veronica) getting into shape & I didn’t want to be that guy.

Fitness Goals: Fit in my jeans, keep up with the young bucks, & overall lead a healthier life long term!

Favorite Workout/Exercise: I like the calorie burn circuits! I don’t have a real favorite because I just like to sweat it out.

What inspires you on those days when you don’t want to train but you do it anyway? Veronica has the spirit of a kid & she is always pushing me at everything. She inspires my awesomeness.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I’m a softy for stray animals. I am Tough Mudder bound!

Come to GI Gym and train alongside one of the most genuine, friendly couples you will ever meet! Veronica and Denny, you make GI Gym amazing and we love watching you crush your goals, like marathons and obstacle races! Thank you for your membership and for being such inspiration to all of our members!