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Class Schedule & Pricing

Schedule: Classes are color coded: Green: All Abilities - Red: Intermediate – Black : Advanced (Olympic Lifting Skills Required)  Grey - Body Building & Isolation Class


What to bring to class:

  • Water Bottle (water will be available)
  • Towel
  • Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps or MMA Gloves (We do have some you can borrow)
  • Workout Gloves, Wrist wraps and mat are optional

Pricing: As of January 1st 2014 through December 31st 2014  - No Sign up Fees!

Prices are Heavily discounted now so get in before the New Years! 

  • Unlimited class programs below
  • $95.00 a month After Jan 1st 2015 Price will go back to $130 a month. No commitment, Cancel anytime, This is Automatic draft/ Auto Renew. Must give 30 days advance notice for cancellation. No Refunds.
  • Starting Jan 1st 2015 – $350 for 3 Months, paid in full. Auto Draft/Auto renew Save $40! 
  • $1026.00 One (1) Year unlimited membership paid in full.  Save 10%.  No refunds for early termination.
  • Starting Jan 1st 2015 – $ 1260 One (1) year paid in full. Save $300!
  • $20.00 Per class drop in
  • Save $$$ with multiple class Punch Cards 

No Refunds will be given for unused classes or time left on yearly and monthly memberships.

Personal Training Sessions

  • $50.00 Per 1 (one) hour session
  • $280.00 For six (6) pack sessions, paid in full. ($20 Savings)
  • $550.00 For telve (12) pack sessions, paid in full. ($50 Savings)