Reviews from Yelp:

For the best workout imaginable, join this gym!  For the best shape you've ever been in, join this gym!  For a great place to meet friends and workout junkies alike, join this gym!  The owner and instructors are super nice and the prices can't be beat.  I have been going to this gym for over a year and haven't looked back.  I love the results and the people!  There is even a Pilates class and powerlifting class.  This gym has the optimal workout environment for the best fitness you'll ever be apart of.  Go ahead…give it a free try for a week and I promise you won't be disappointed.  You'll crave the kettlebell swings and sweat-dripping burpees!

Tamara S. | Raleigh, NC

I came across G.I. Gym through a friend that I workout with in the Raleigh area,  She had heard about this place from another person who works out at our gym.  She and I tried GI Gym for the first time last week and now I am hooked!  I consider myself in great shape and love the workouts here!  It is a cross-training/fusion style workout which entails using TRX, Boxing, Plyometrics, Ropes and More!  Anyone can do this workout at any level! I have bought a membership now and must say the rates are super reasonable.  Another plus, the owner is in shape, teaches the classes and fluent in fitness. This place gets 5 stars for not just all of the above but also for the fact that it is so clean and organized!  I highly recommend it if you want a great workout and want to get in amazing shape!

Andrea S. | Raleigh, NC

The Wifey (Veronica) pushed me to join, but I was reluctant for a couple of months.  After seeing her get fit, I didn't want to be the out-of-shape hubby, so I decided to buck up and try it out.  It isn't easy, but I am happy to say 4 months later and 20lbs off to a lean 175lb, i feel like I am 10 years younger and owe a lot of that to the staff of GI Gym and my wife.  Better than any gym membership and now I look forward going to class and being around the family enviroment of people looking to better themselves. They offer the first 7 days free, and I know if you give it a week, you will be sore, but also on the right path to leading a new healthy life.

Cheers to all and any that make the first step!

Dennis W. | Raleigh, NC

GI GYM Rocks!! I've always been an active person, working out at gyms and running 5ks to half marathons, but nothing got me in the shape I'm in today! You get all around maximum work outs and it's a great and friendly atmosphere! I recommend it to all my friends that are trying to reach their goals!

Veronica I. | Raleigh, NC