Zombie Escape at Panic Point

Another Mud Run!!??

Yes, Another G.I. GYM team mud run, this time with ZOMBIES! Lets all sign for the 10am run before June 30th to save $$$ here is the link to the registration page https://www.sportoften.com/onlineRegistration/waiverTo.cfm?pEventId=9182

Race Info

September 8, 2012

2739 Cedar Creek Road, Youngsville, NC

5k course with 16 obstacles and over 100 zombies

The Details

There will be mud.  The 5k course follows a path through open fields, forest roads, and water crossings.  Each racer will be equipped with three health flags.  The object of the race is to finish the course as fast as possible while holding on to at least one flag.  The enemy?  Zombies on the trail who attempt to “infect” you by stealing your flags.  If you cross the finish line without a flag your time will be unofficial, and you will carry the zombie virus for the rest of your life.  If you need a health boost (a flag), find a roving medic, who will prescribe a brief, intense exercise to restore part of your health.